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Wikitude geolocation not updating poi markers wikitude examples

I'm trying to understand the wikitude examples. When I run the example app on my phone, and try one of the POI examples, it loads the poi's into the camera view. However, they always stay relative to me. As I walk around, I can never walk past one, and it appears to always be say 5m away from me. How does one update the wikitide examples so that it shows an absolute geolocation that you can walk around and explore? This seems really simple, but none of the examples online seem relevant to answering this. I have extensively searched the wikitude example docs.

Hello Budi,

When working with Geo locations you can choose either RelativeLocation (and this is what we implement in our samples) or GeoLocation. The concept of RelativeLocation is that they are always relative to the current user location and this is why we implement all our samples using this feature, so that our users can test the POIs no matter where they are. 

GeoLocations are fixed to a certain latitude/longitude coordinate and stay at exact this place. In order to make sure that you have specified the correct coordinates when working with GeoLocations you can also advice these websites to Convert Lat and Long to Address and to Get Latitude and Longitude.

In the sample native POI, it always relative with my location.

How to set up the location so they will an absolute location

thank you

Hi Budi,

You can find details on how to work with geo locations here:

 Thank you

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