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Please confirm: cannot preview apps in Unity, must deploy to device to test?

I've been developing with Vuforia for two years, but their license fees have driven me to explore whether or not my agency should use Wikitude for clients.

Upon trying to test the Image Tracking scenes that come in Wikitude.unitypackage, all of them fail to run when I attempt to test them within the Unity IDE, providing this console log:

"The current platfrom (OSXEditor) is not supported by the Wikitude Unity Plugin"

I've tried to research if it is indeed true that I cannot test my apps on my computer as I develop them, but would have to build a project and then deploy every time I want to test. I appears that this is the case, especially reading this forum post, but I'm simply astonished and am hoping someone can confirm.

So: must I deploy to a device in order to test my app, or should the Unity IDE's preview / play feature be able to run Wikitude?

Hi Blake,

I can confirm that you need to test your experience on a device for now. Good news though is that Unity Live Preview as a feature will be released soon. You are absolutely not alone with this feature request and we will be relieved once that is off our list with several other stuff coming. Did I mention dedicated armv8 performance optimizations, that go nicely together with Unity opening up to armv8?



Hi Blake,

A beta version of SDK 8 is now available for developers on the download page.  Unity developers will be pleased to know that SDK 8 added AR-view functionality to the Unity editor. Being able to test and tweak your augmented reality project, hassle-free, during app creation greatly reduces development and prototyping time.

Additionally, developers can use the Unity Remote feature to test Instant Tracking using a remote camera (e.g. a smartphone or tablet).



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