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Javascript errors trying to build my own Image on Target app

Hi, I'm a student trying to learn how to build a Cordova app with Wikitude. I have been able to get the sample app to work, but when I try to create my own app I keep getting different js errors.

After following the documentation instructions all the way through, I tried substituting the code from the sample app instead, so my index.js file now has the same code as the Wikitude sample app:

I'm attaching images of the body of my HTML file and the javascript console error log below.

My graduate program does not currently teach Wikitude but if I am able to figure it out, there's a good chance it could be taught in the future.

Hello Sarah,

If you read at the error you are getting, it says that the WikitudePlugin file was not found. So this is what I would recommend you do. Download the Cordova package from our Download page here and go through the documentation step by step. Focus especially on the 'Set Up' section. If you still experience issues then please update this post.



Thank you for your response. When I followed the setup instructions for adding the plugin to my existing app, this is what happened in terminal:image

Good morning Sarah,

my apologies for the delayed response. Is this issue still current?

I've had a quick look at the error log you posted, but nothing specific came to mind. Would you mind walking me through your setup process step by step?

- Daniel

In your Setup Guide Cordova CLI, this step did not work:

$ cordova plugin add

I had to use this instead: npm i com.wikitude.phonegap.wikitudeplugin

I can successfully build my own Cordova + Wikitude app, but I can never get the links working that would open the AR experience/camera view. I've resorted to using the Wikitude Sample app and modifying that because I've run into so many errors when I try to follow the instructions to create my own app.

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