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iframe is empty

Hello, trying to use iframe in index.html.

It works if I open index.html in Chrome for testing, if I compile with Xcode or Android Studio, the iframe is empty (iframe is there because I see the border in the app but now extern website). I think probably a security problem.

I'm using Wikitude-Cordova-version: Wikitude_7-1-0_3-4-2_2017-09-20_19-58-20

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Hello Didi,

The content of the index.html file of a JavaScript world goes straight into either the Android or iOS web view. So, if the index.html is causing problems, I would expect these issues to be of the corresponding web view, and not of the Wikitude SDK. Would it be possible for you to isolate the offending code of your index.html file and try it in the web view directly?



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