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Align ImageDrawable to camera

Hi community,

I'm new to Wikitude and currently building an AR-App where I want to explain some features on a 3d model. My idea is to add some image drawables at the featured points. The problem now is that I can walk around the marker. That means that at some point I'm not able the see my drawables anymore because I'm looking at them from a 90 degrees side perspective. From other 3d applications I know that you can align 2d planes always to the camera so that you can always see them. In the docs of Wikitude I found a parameter called "rotatesToCamera" which seems to be exactly what I need, but it says that it only works with GeoObjects which I don't have. Is there a way to use it anyways or any idea how I could implement a custom function?

I'm using the Cordova Plugin from Wikitude and the target platform is iOS.

Help is highly appreciated. Please let me know if you need further informations from me.

Thanks in advance!



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Hi Mike,

Unfortunately this is currently not possible, with anything other than geo. I don't see a a way to implement this with our JS SDK since you don't get any information of how the image target is located in the scene. Maybe could make the drawable rotate continuously around the 3D model as a workaround. 

Best Regards,


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