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Problem to recive the Apple approval using the iOS code of the wikitude studio


We used the code generated by Wikitude Studio to launch an iOS application to access interactions previously registered in Studio, but Apple did not approve the release of the application because according to them we are infringing the

Guideline 4.2 - Design - Minimum Functionality:

"We noticed that your application includes an AR or QR scanner but does not include any additional content or functionality unless the user has access to the AR marker or QR code. is scanned, to users who do not have access to the AR markers or QR codes, your app only appears to display the camera view. "

We got to insert a simple explanatory launch screen, even so they did not accept it.

Has anyone had a similar problem yet, could you help us by telling us how you solved it?


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Hello Alexandre,

I know that you have already received reply via the support ticket you have created, but I will also post the answer here so that the forum is updated. You can continue your communication with the Wikitude support team through your support ticket.

"Apple already suggested a suitable way:

Apple  asked us to insert explanatory pages in the app with the inclusion of a  button so that the user can read the information and make the decision  to close the app or to continue to the camera

Apple  complain that the LaunchScreen is very fast and the user does not have  enough time to read the message so the app only appears display a camera  view.

So  did you already implement the pages with buttons as mentioned by Apple?  If not I would recommend to implement these 1-2 pages which stay until  the user clicks them away, include a link/button to the target images  with a description on how the app can be used and the targets be  scanned."


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