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Remote architect world server unable to recognize .wtc extension file


I am trying to load architect world (01_ImageTracking_1_ImageOnTarget) as remote URL from a web hosting provider server of ASP.Net websites.

Architect world loads on mobile, HTML content is shown, CSS is applied, javascript runs the architect world, but then a 404 error occurs for the file.

After too much research/investigation, I identified the issue. Issue is that the server is unable to read/recognize the file with a .wtc extension. That's why it is not injecting/providing the file with a .wtc extension. 

For this reason, tracker is unable to Load targets and onTargetsLoaded function is not triggered. 

So How can I solve this problem? How did the hosting server recognize the .wtc file?? What will be the next step???

Waiting for the answer from technical support team of Wikitude...


There are many servers that support .wtc files so I would suggest that you find one server that does so. You just need to make sure that you have uploaded the .wtc file on the server and that you have included the absolute path in your architect world. I would also recommend that you search our forum before posting something as there are many other forum posts with similar issues.



Hi Eva,

Thanks for the recommendation. I've searched already before posting this question. I found some posts. But solution to my problem is not there. 

*I think I should mention that the hosting server I am currently using is a Windows based IIS server

I am just asking that how I can make the mentioned server compatible for (.wtc, .wto and .wt3) extension files? 


Which types of server supports these extensions? I need some help and assistance. Not criticism.


Unfortunately this is not an issue related with our SDK product but more of an issue related with your server so, I cannot assist you any further.



Hi everybody,

I just found the solution. The details are as follows:-

#1. Make a text file with the following lines of code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <mimeMap fileExtension=".*" mimeType="application/octet-stream" />

#2. Save this Text file as Web.config

#3. For Windows IIS hosting server: Add this Web.config file in the specific folder in which all the unknown file extensions are placed (e.g. .wtc, .wto, .wt3 etc...)

Hope this solution helps to those who are using Windows IIS web hosting server for remote architect world.

Thanks. Cheers...!


thanks for sharing the solution! IIS is a product we rarely work with, so appreciate your solution which will help other users of IIS.



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