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video drawable error


I'm trying to place a transparent (or any) video at specific location; however I keep on getting following error: "Error while loading the video. (Media player - unknown error )". Seems to me like videoDrawable does not even load the file, including "transparentVideo.mp4" from sample projects. I have even tried to run the exact codes from the sample, but to no avail.

I'm building this on Nativescript using this plugin - nativescript-wikitude: Perhaps you can shed some light on this ie. what other possible cause and things I could check as all other drawables work just fine.


Hello Ash,

Please note that Native SDK does not support GeoLocation features. If you wish to work with POIs then I would suggest you try with Javascript API.



Hello Eva, I'm working with Javascript API through the plugin and anyway the issue is not on geolocation feature but on videoDrawable as it failed to load. As stated earlier I have no issue loading imageDrawable at RelativeLocation for example. I understand this involve another tool, but perhaps you have suggestion I could try to check on why this happen to videoDrawable

Good morning,

since the NativeScript package is not one of our products, but an independent third party implementation, I'm afraid I cannot provide any support for it and I have to ask you to reproduce the error in one of our own products; preferably in the regular JavaScript SDK. Luckily, we do provide sample apps that build out of the box in all of our download packages, so it should not be much work involved at all.

If you can reproduce this problem, I'd be happy to have a look.

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- Daniel

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