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creating POIs by clicking on the image drawables


I am using the sample x_Demo_1_2dTrackingAndGeo, as a starting point to integrate both vision-based and location-based AR.

I have integrated the location-based sample (08_PointOfInterest_4_SelectingPois) and it works fine too by using the property enabled. 

But I want implement the idea of GET ME THERE when the menu drawable is clicked then the markers should be created, not on onLocationChanged as shown bellow:  

 IrAndGeo.menuOverlays = new AR.ImageDrawable(IrAndGeo.imageRsc, 0.6, {
        onClick: function(){

The loadPoisFromJsonData(poiData);  is the same function that is used in the POI samples.

I have tried it in several ways and gets stuck after new Marker(singlePoi) is created. Please help me with this issue or an alternative solution. 


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what exactly "gets stuck" after you add a new marker?

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