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Error generating .WTO file in Wikitude Studio

 Hi all,

I'm pretty new to developing for AR and am trying to achieve object recognition and image target recognition in the same app.

The issue I'm having is that after uploading my video file for the object target, it starts to process in the object targets window, but before even a quarter of the way I get an error saying: "There was an error generating .WTO file, please try again later. "

Is there any way I could fix this? I'm uploading as an mp4 and using an iPhone 6S to take the video. The file is about 45mb and 50 seconds long.

Any help is appreciated!




In general, most videos are rejected for two main reasons: size and quality. In your case, it is the latter. The object you are trying to recognize is not an ideal candidate as there are no textures there. As a result, our engine fails to generate any cloud points and this is why the video is rejected.

If you wish to access information regarding how to record a video and which objects can be recognized, you can have a look at the sections below:



Hi Even I have the same issue I dont know what is the issue it is just 900Kb


 Hello Ferhat,

Could you please share the video with us so we can test internally?



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