Most frequent issues with Android Example Apps and Android Studio.

A problem occurred configuring the project ‘:plugins’“: Install the Android NDK when you want to use the Plugins Samples. If this is not done with the sdk-manager make sure to set the ndk.dir in Otherwise remove the dependencies to the plugins from the app’s build.gradle:

arm7Compile project(path: ':plugins', configuration: 'arm7Release') <-- remove
arm8Compile project(path: ':plugins', configuration: 'arm8Release') <-- remove
x86Compile project(path: ':plugins', configuration: 'x86Release') <-- remove
allarchsCompile project(path: ':plugins', configuration: 'allarchsRelease') <-- remove


  • Issues with Android Studio 3.0 can be most easily resolved by  keeping the android gradle plugin at 2.3.3 and not update to 3.0.0+
<project root>/build.gradle
classpath '' <-- do not update to 3.0.0


The Following issues are a result of updating to 3.0.0+ and can be avoided by not updating:

  • "Cannot  set the value of read-only property ‘outputFile’ ...”: Delete or change  the following code from the app module build.gradle:
applicationVariants.all { variant ->
            variant.outputs.each  { output ->
                def outputFile = output.outputFile
                if (outputFile != null &&'.apk')) {
                    def fileName = "wikitude-sdk-samples-" + + ".apk"
                    output.outputFile = new File(outputFile.parent, fileName)


applicationVariants.all { variant ->
            variant.outputs.all { output ->
                outputFileName = "wikitude-sdk-samples-" + + ".apk"

  •  Issues with Android Studio 3.0 can be most easily resolved by keeping  the android gradle plugin at 2.3.3 and not update to 3.0.0+
arm7Compile project(path: ':plugins', configuration: 'arm7Release')
arm8Compile project(path: ':plugins', configuration: 'arm8Release')
x86Compile project(path: ':plugins', configuration: 'x86Release')
allarchsCompile project(path: ':plugins', configuration: 'allarchsRelease')


compile project(':plugins')



Hi ,

Getting this error, after making changes to the file build.gradle  outputFilename code Can you please help .

No signature of method: java.util.ArrayList.all() is applicable for argument types: (build_20miy2qxrm90pf4tltzgbnrgz$_run_closure1$_closure6$_closure9) values: [build_20miy2qxrm90pf4tltzgbnrgz$_run_closure1$_closure6$_closure9@27a9291b]

Possible solutions: any(), tail(), tail(), last(), last(), add(java.lang.Object) .

Thanks in advance.

Hello Afnan,

Since this forum post is a 'How To Guide', could you please create a new forum post and include the information you posted above as well as:

  •  which version of the SDK you are using, 
  • if you are using the JS API, 
  • if you are using any of our Extensions and 
  • if this is happening with the sample app or in your own app.




After making the above changes i'm getting 47 compile errors similar like this:

Error:error: C:/Internal/WikitudeSDK_Android_7-2-1_2018-02-21_14-49-22/Examples/SDKExamples/plugins/src/main/cpp/jni/../lib/x86/libippicv.a(jmp_icvippiDFTGetSize_C_32fc_as.s.o): relocation R_386_GOTOFF against preemptible symbol icv_ippJumpIndexForMergedLibs cannot be used when making a shared object

Is there any new test SDK which can be used?



This is my first A,R. project.

I'd like to create an Android application that helps childern to build "Lego" models.

The child has an option to compare his/her current creation with the final model.

What are the required methods i have to use in order to complete my application?

Hello Eyal,

What I would suggest is, as a first step, to have a very good look at our documentation here.

For your specific use case, I would recommend that you try our Instant Tracking example. With Instant Tracking you can display the final Lego model next to the chlidren's creation, position it wherever you want and also, resize and transform it. This way you have the final model next to what the child has created and you can do the comparison.

I hope this helps. If you have more questions then, please create a separate forum post as this post is about a specific issue that some users had with Android Studio 3.

Thank you,


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