Most frequent issues with Android Example Apps and Android Studio.

A problem occurred configuring the project ‘:plugins’“: Install the Android NDK when you want to use the Plugins Samples. If this is not done with the sdk-manager make sure to set the ndk.dir in Otherwise remove the dependencies to the plugins from the app’s build.gradle:

arm7Compile project(path: ':plugins', configuration: 'arm7Release') <-- remove
arm8Compile project(path: ':plugins', configuration: 'arm8Release') <-- remove
x86Compile project(path: ':plugins', configuration: 'x86Release') <-- remove
allarchsCompile project(path: ':plugins', configuration: 'allarchsRelease') <-- remove


  • Issues with Android Studio 3.0 can be most easily resolved by keeping the android gradle plugin at 2.3.3 and not update to 3.0.0+
<project root>/build.gradle
classpath '' <-- do not update to 3.0.0


The Following issues are a result of updating to 3.0.0+ and can be avoided by not updating:

  • "Cannot set the value of read-only property ‘outputFile’ ...”: Delete or change the following code from the app module build.gradle:
applicationVariants.all { variant ->
            variant.outputs.each  { output ->
                def outputFile = output.outputFile
                if (outputFile != null &&'.apk')) {
                    def fileName = "wikitude-sdk-samples-" + + ".apk"
                    output.outputFile = new File(outputFile.parent, fileName)


applicationVariants.all { variant ->
            variant.outputs.all { output ->
                outputFileName = "wikitude-sdk-samples-" + + ".apk"

  •  Issues with Android Studio 3.0 can be most easily resolved by keeping the android gradle plugin at 2.3.3 and not update to 3.0.0+
arm7Compile project(path: ':plugins', configuration: 'arm7Release')
arm8Compile project(path: ':plugins', configuration: 'arm8Release')
x86Compile project(path: ':plugins', configuration: 'x86Release')
allarchsCompile project(path: ':plugins', configuration: 'allarchsRelease')


compile project(':plugins')



Hi ,

Getting this error, after making changes to the file build.gradle  outputFilename code Can you please help .

No signature of method: java.util.ArrayList.all() is applicable for argument types: (build_20miy2qxrm90pf4tltzgbnrgz$_run_closure1$_closure6$_closure9) values: [build_20miy2qxrm90pf4tltzgbnrgz$_run_closure1$_closure6$_closure9@27a9291b]

Possible solutions: any(), tail(), tail(), last(), last(), add(java.lang.Object) .

Thanks in advance.

Hello Afnan,

Since this forum post is a 'How To Guide', could you please create a new forum post and include the information you posted above as well as:

  •  which version of the SDK you are using, 
  • if you are using the JS API, 
  • if you are using any of our Extensions and 
  • if this is happening with the sample app or in your own app.




After making the above changes i'm getting 47 compile errors similar like this:

Error:error: C:/Internal/WikitudeSDK_Android_7-2-1_2018-02-21_14-49-22/Examples/SDKExamples/plugins/src/main/cpp/jni/../lib/x86/libippicv.a(jmp_icvippiDFTGetSize_C_32fc_as.s.o): relocation R_386_GOTOFF against preemptible symbol icv_ippJumpIndexForMergedLibs cannot be used when making a shared object

Is there any new test SDK which can be used?


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