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Cannot Create Directory

I can't get the Javascript SDK to run in the newest version of Android Studio.

I am running Buildversion 26.0.1 and Gradle 3.0.1 SDK 4.0.3

After commenting out the plugins, which error out. I am presented with the following error.

Error:Execution failed for task ':wikitude-sdk-samples:packageAllarchsDebug'.

> Cannot create directory C:\Users\aug08\Downloads\Examples\SDKExamples\wikitude-sdk-samples\build\outputs\apk\allarchs\debug\C:\Users\aug08\Downloads\Examples\SDKExamples\wikitude-sdk-samples\build\outputs\apk\allarchs\debug

I don't know where even to start with this, but the general bugginess of the plugins and the app is preventing me from buying it.

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Hi Matthew,

please note that changing the build setup(gradle files) of our sample app can indeed cause problems (e.g. updating the android gradle version to 3.0.0).

Please try to reset the gradle version to 2.3.3, clear the build directories and try again.

Best Regards,


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