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Android AR View : iframe not working on local files

I have a strange bug on Android regarding iframes in the Architect View. When I try to load a local file within an iframe in such context, the app loses focus and Android try to open something with an external app: "" (??)

Nothing is loaded in the iframe as a result. 

The same iframe works perfectly when I move it to the initial cordova webview. This behavior does not appear on iOS.

To reproduce this, just add this line to any AR World of the plugin sample :

<iframe src="assets/index.html" frameborder="0"></iframe>

I observed the problem on a moto G with android 5 and a LG G4 on android 6.

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Hi Amaury,

thank you for reporting this issue, I was able to reproduce it on an Android 5 phone and was able to find the origin of this issue but will have to investigate further to be able to fix it. 

Best Regards,


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