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BT300: Offline support


we are trying to setup a demo (Extended Tracking) for an exibhition and we are having problem running the application if an environment without internet connection. Currently we are hosting the webstite on IIS and from the application we call the remote server, here we have this lie of code:

<script src=""></script>

that request the architect.js file and let us draw AR objects. We then changed that line with:

<script src="~/Scripts/architect.js"></script>

placing the architect.js file in the correct folder and everything worked the same.

But when we tried to play the demo without internet connection (using the local architect.js file) it is impossible to recognize any target and so draw any AR object.

Is it possible to use the Epson BT300 SDK without internet? and if so, how?

Thank you.

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The sample app is working without internet connection - do you have issues when you try without internet connection? Here are details to the architect.js file, which might help:

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