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Please help, trying to set up cloud recogition

Please forgive me, I'm new to Wikitude, been wrestling all afternoon trying to get it to work, very confusing.

All I need is a clear set of steps and where to enter everything.

Where do I enter the client code, where do I enter all the JavaScript?

What I am trying to achieve it to recognize an image right from the viewer without having to eter or search anything. I'm using Studio.

All help is appreciated

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  • Download Wikitude app from AppStore/GooglePlay
  • Download a QR Code reader app
  • Create a new image project in Wikitude Studio and add a target image to start augmenting it in a WYSIWYG way.
  • Press preview in the Studio Editor menu bar
  • Scan QR code - Select "Launch Wikitude"
  • Your experience launches. Point device at the 2D target image to see the augmentations
  • You may purchase the "Publish in Wikitude" addon to make your experience available by "Code" so that one launches Wikitude, enters "[YOURCODE]" in the search bar, to then launch your experience.
  • You may also download the whole experience for offline use by pressing "Project - Download offline project". An email containing a link to an Android/iOS sample project is sent to you via email. Note that you need basic development skills to enter SDK License key and deploy the AR-project to your Android/iOS device.

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