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Wikitude Javascript SDK build size


We have currently integrated Wikitude Javascript SDK for Geo location based AR. The size of the SDK in the build is 18 Mb. Below are few queries;

1] How can we reduce this size?

2] We are using the trial version of the SDK. Does the size decrease in the paid version?

3] Is there an option to edit POI markers? If yes, how?

We desperately wish to reduce t overall apk size. Kindly help us out.



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 Hi Aroof,

1.)  What you can do is unzip the wikitude.aar folder and direct to uni and in there remove the folder x86 (unless you are using Intel).

2.) No, the size of the SDK is independent of the license key that you are using.

3.) Yes, you could edit POI makers. You can find more information here



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