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Camera goes white when launched app with wikitude

 I'm creating sample apps with multiple sdk's to determine which one I would prefer for a project. When I tried to create a very basic sample app (Wikitude camera, image tracker with a .wtc file) the camera just goes white when I have deployed it on my samsung galaxy s7.

I think I have added everything correctly, the key to my camera, etc.

Is this a known issue or am I missing something??

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 Hello Henk,

Could you please tell me which version you are testing with, and if you are using Javascript, Native or any of our extensions?



Hello, I am having the same problem with the same type of simple application. I am using UNITY extension version7.2.0 released 5.2.2018

The problem is also with newest version released 21.2.2018

 @Eva, I have managed to fix it. It was something due with the trial key that wasn't right, so no problem there. I did decide to switch to a diffrerent SDK since the trial one had the word TRIAL all over the screen. Not really helpful while in development...

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Thx for your feedback. You can also work with the SDK sample app for testing, if you don't want the Trial watermark to show. The sample app doesn't show any watermark.



@Henk, can you tell me what was wrong, because i still have problem with wikitude camera

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