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IOS Build Error From Unity

I am trying to build the IOS sample application with no luck.

I am getting the following console log:

You are trying to upload data for texture created with external texture pointer



Any ideas how this can be fixed?

Kind Regards


What version of the SDK and of Unity are you using?

Other than the log, what other issues are you having?

Best regards,



Thanks for the prompt reply. I have actually fixed it now. Needed to tweak some player settings in Unity which weren't mentioned in the docs.

Kind Regards


Great to hear it's working now.

If it's not to much trouble, could you please mention what you had to change, so that I can make sure the documentation is updated accordingly?

Thank you,


Hi Alexandru,

We had to remove both 'Metal' and OpenGLES3, alongside Multithread Rendering.

Not sure if that specific to our experiments or not however :)

Kind Regards

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