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Instant Tracker not working on Android(OnePlus 3 running Android 8.0)


I was trying to setup a simple scene which just tracks the surface upon a button touch. When I run it editor, I see the various debug statements I put for state changes but when I run it on my device, the whole screen has a grid of messages saying "unlicensed feature used". I tried downloading the keys again and pasted them but its still giving me the same message on the screen. And its not tracking anything too. Is there a problem with my key or is this a bug?


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Hi I am using the latest Wikitude in Unity and android and I am getting the same issue. I am trying to use SLAM, must I always email sales in order to trial this feature? 

I am getting the the unlicensed feature also.


Same problem here - my developer license Key worked in the previous version. 

Hello all,

There will be an official release of Wikitude SDK 7.2.1 that will provide a bugfix tomorrow, so stay tuned!



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Hi :) I am having this problem on my One Plus 3 when I am trying to run the instant tracking scene from Wikitude SLAM examples. Why is this happening? (see attached image)

I really need to use a instant tracking for my application :/

I dont know of that issue is fixed in the update or not. But I switched to vuforia 7.2 because I didn't have the time to wait for the update.

I am using Unity

@Tanmay Nath

Your One Plus 3 can run the instant tracking?

Not yet but I switched to an iOS device. They have a method where you can use your laptop's webcam to test the application. So for now, I can work and test the application on my laptop. Wikitude doesn't even let you test in the editor because webcam isn't supported. Another reason I switched. Do you want to make your application just for android devices?

@Tanmay Nath

I have only my personal Oneplus 3 to test :/

I know that sucks. I also use my flatmate's iPhone for testing. Check this link out. At the bottom they have shown how you can emulate ground plane detection in Unity's play mode. That would help you in testing. And then you can use you OP 3 with unity remote to test the app.

Hello Joel,

Hello Tanmay,

First of all, the issue with the license key has already been fixed with our latest SDK 7.2.1 released, as promised. As for the Unity preview feature, this has already been included in our next release which is coming within the next months. So once again, stay tuned to be part of all the new features we are planning.



Hi Joel and Tanmay,

A beta version of SDK 8 is now available for developers on the download page.  Unity developers will be pleased to know that SDK 8 added AR-view functionality to the Unity editor. Being able to test and tweak your augmented reality project, hassle-free, during app creation greatly reduces development and prototyping time.

Additionally, developers can use the Unity Remote feature to test Instant Tracking using a remote camera (e.g. a smartphone or tablet).



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