Wikitude Optimized for Epson Moverio BT-300 and BT-350 Smart Glasses

The Wikitude SDK has been optimized to support the specific hardware needs of Epson's newest smart glasses: Moverio BT-300 and BT-350.

Both Moverio smart glasses include motion-tracking sensors and feature dual (binocular) displays optimal for side-by-side 3D content. These AR eyewear pieces are also reduced in weight, have a high-resolution camera, improved processing capability and an advanced Si-OLED display, superior in contrast and transparency, making digital content blend in much more realistically with the real world. 

Following a detailed development, the Wikitude AR SDK has been fully adapted to make the best out of the unique features of both devices, ensuring optimal performance in a variety of environments and use cases.  Among these customizations are:

    • Intel SSE optimization
    • Optimization for stereoscopic view
    • Personal calibration

    You can read more about it here and download the new Wikitude SDK for Epson from our download page.

    How do I combine the Epson BT-300 SDK together with Unity as the tutorial is only for Android Studio as when I try the Unity  Extension of Wikitude 7, the camera rendering is magnify as if the camera zoom automatically. What should I do?


    Our Epson SDK is currently not supporing Unity (it's based on our JS API versoin) and the calibration process is not available in the Unity Plugin. We have this on our feature list but at the moment I can't give any details on if/when this is coming.



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    Thanks for the info, Just update me when the features is out. Thanks

    SDK 8 is not available online ? i cannot find link download.

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