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Show an object behind the object recognized.

 Hi everybody,
I'm a newby with Wikitude, and I'm using it with Unity. I've to show an object behind my object that I've recognized. For example, if I have recognized a bottle, I want to show an object behind that bottle. I do not know how to do it, I was able only to show that object in front of the bottle.
Thank you for your help.

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Please have a look at our Object Tracking - Object Tracking scene. The augmentation that is used in the scene is the prefab called FiretruckAugmentation. In it, you will find that is uses an occluder model that is used to represent the real world firetruck that is being tracked. Inside Unity, this is rendered with a special shader that you can find in our plugin that simply hides whatever is behind it. So when you are tracking, the visual effect will be that the virtual object will be hidden by the real world object that is being tracked.

You can find more information about occluder objects in our documentation:

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