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Few questions about GeoMarker

Hello, guys!

In my application I'm using GeoMarker and there are some features that I'm interested in. First of all, there is problem when I'm staying in the same place and looking at marker. It always changes it's position a little bit. I suppose it's because of inaccuracy of GPS. Is there any way to make this object static and when onLocationChanged event is raised - change only scale and rotation? So just locate it once when camera is loaded or for example when button is clicked and don't recalculate its location based on GPS after?

And if there is wall or something else between me and GeoMarker is it possible to disable marker? And enable it only when there's no any barrier/obstacle between me and object?

BTW I'm using JavaScript API

Maybe I can put it somehow on the ground plane when I'm quite close to it?

For example when distanceToUser returns <= 3 meters then using direction and that distance I'll put it on the ground plane.

Hi Anton,

Moving POIs can be related to GPS or sensor accuracy. 

It is not possible to only update the rotation and scale when the location is updated.

It is possible to disable an AR.GeoObject by using the enabled property.

You will have to know yourself when there is a wall between you and the POI since the Wikitude SDK is not able to detect this.

You could start InstantTracking when you are close and place the POI onto it, but there is no way of automatically doing that.

Best Regards,


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