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Reduce Wikitude SDK size (Reduce app size)


We are developing an app with Wikitude SDK. We just only use Geo AR Featrues (POI and Radar).

Wikitude SDK is too big and also my app is more than 100MB right now (without any other codes, assets).

How can i reduce Wikitude SDK or my application size?

Platforms: iOS and Android.


Even though the library itself is large I believe it adds only ~10 GB to app store size on iOS

It doesn't matter. 

Our app must be max 50 MB with other features. How can i say users to download my app that's size is more than 100-200 MB?

Good morning,

I'm assuming the apps you are currently building include all the device architectures; arm7, arm8, x86.

For iOS, the resulting application has the bitcode setting enabled. Meaning while the app you upload has a large file size, the app users download will be significantly smaller. What you upload will be optimised and thinned.

For Android, you have to perform this thinning yourself by slicing the APK when building. That will result in a different APK for each architecture and therefore reduce the size significantly. Here's how to do that.

- Daniel

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