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Wikitude Studio Editor object target

Hello, in the new Wikitude Studio editor I’m having an issue with my object target. I uploaded it fine, it has three stars but when I click on the object target to add augmentations, it’s showing like a 3D point cloud, I’m not sure if it’s supposed to do this or not. The problem is, how do I know where to add the augmentations to the object target if it’s just a point cloud? I need to know where on the actual object target I’m putting an image or video augmentation. Thanks for any help.

 Hello Bryan,

The representation of the object as point clouds is so that users can have an idea of which part of the model would be a better target to track and if the object is actually a good target. However, we do realize that positioning augmentations in such a preview is pretty tricky. The only solution would be simply trial and error. We do have it in our feature list to replace the point clouds with the actual 3D model but this is not something that will happen soon.



Thanks for the reply!
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