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BT-300: Instant Tracking not working


we are trying some examples on the EPSON MOVERIO BT-300 device with your latest SDK (7.2). When running the "Instant tracking" examples (both of them), we can't seem to get them to work, the indicator never shows (if it is supposed to do)  and trying to place an object in the environment just does nothing.

We tried other examples and they seem to work and we have done the calibration multiple times.

Are we missing something or is there a problem with Instant Tracking and the BT-300?

Thank you, regards.

Hello Filippo,

Please try to move closer to the calibration target image until it is recognized and then move back to align the box with the target. Also make sure that the calibration target image is printed at 100% size.




we've already done that multiple times (we get close to the image until the box turn green, then we align it to the border of the image) and the image is printed at 100%, in fact, the other examples seem to work, just this one doesn't.

If you need other informations just ask.


Hi Filippo,

Please try the instant tracking samples on the regular Android JS SDK sample app on your epson glasses. 

Does the issue happen there as well?

Best Regards,


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