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3D Model geolocation scale

I have read that default implementation fo Wikitude 3D model implementation is : 

The scaling of 3D models is relative to the target. That is, the smaller the target, the smaller the augmented 3D model. 

Can I disable this automatic scaling? 

I want to have same target model size irrespective of the distance to the target model. 

For example, i want same model size whether it is at 1KM or 8KM. 

I have tried scale property of the Model but it is not giving the result as expected as it doesn't allow to specify the same scale for all the distance. 

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Hi Hardik,

for our tracking algorithms in the JavaScript API you cannot change that behaviour. We perform our rendering with a perspective projection matrix, causing object to naturally decrease in size as you distance yourself from them. That's just the way the human vision works and how cameras work; augmentations that behave otherwise would immediately stand out strangely.

If you are using our Geo feature you might be able to do that by employing a feature that sort-of does what you are asking but was intended for a different purpose; distance based scaling.

Otherwise you will have to use our native API. With that you can do any king of rendering you desire; but have to implement it yourself. We provide everything else, but the rendering is yours to do.

- Daniel

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