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AR kit help with Android Native

I am trying to create a simple android aplication where I can show an AR 3D object after tracking an image. I am using wikitude ative sdk 7.2. I am able to track images but how can I show an AR object over it. I have created WT3 file but can't figure out how to apply? There are no AR.Model class available.Please help.

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I would strongly recommend that you have a thorough look at our documentation before starting developing your app. The .wt3 file refers to the tracking image. If you are working with Native and you wish to display a 3D model then you need to code this from your side. With Native API it is entirely up to the developer to program how he wishes his app to behave. The Native API wraps the main functionalities of the Wikitude computer vision engine and enables the full computer vision power in your app.

Alternatively, you could use our Javascript API and the examples we offer there



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