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ARCore enabled tracking doesn't work on specific Pixel 2 build

On build OPM1.171019.011 of Pixel 2, the phone is recognized as ARCore compatible, but no matter where the crosshairs are placed, they never turn green to allow tracking.  This issue appears to be resolved with build OPM1.171019.013, but is still an issue with that build installed.  This issue was discovered using the SDK Examples, specifically 3D Model Instant Tracking.

Hi Daniel,

could you check if the same behaviour can be observed with the ARCore sample app from their GitHub page

I would expect the ARCore sample app to never be able to find a plane.

Best Regards,


Unfortunately the phone has been updated to a later version, so I won't be able to check that behavior again, but I thought it was worth bringing that specific build number / issue to your attention.


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