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augmentations from target manager

Hello there,

I'm using the wikitude javascript sdk.

I used the Target Manager to put an augmentation on my target.

Then i downloaded the wtc file and implemented it into my app.

But when I scan the target, it gets recognized, but the augmentation doesn't show up.

Does this mean that the augmentation is not saved within the wtc file i downloaded?

Or is there any other way to access the augmentation that i created in the wikitude target manager?

Best Regards,


Hello Alexander,

The Target Manager is only to create the .wtc files that can be used as recognition targets. These files do not include any augmentation inside as this is something that you need to code from your side following the instructions on our documentation. If you are working with Studio then you can place the augmentations there but you need to make sure that you will download the whole project by following the instructions provided here.



Hello Eva,

Thank you for the fast response! :)

"the export option is available only for SDK customers, so only for customers who have already purchased an SDK license."

Does an EDU License also include this feature?

And how do these exported "JS Experiences" look? Could you maybe show me an example?

Thanks in advance,


 Hello Alexander,

Since we just launched new Studio, we made the Export option available for everyone.



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