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Is it possible to augment any virtual object on a map using Wikitude JS SDK?


I would like to know if the Wikitde SDK provides  functionality to augment Virutal contents on a KML files downloaded from Google Map. I know this was somehow possible with the Wikitude Studio. 

I am using Wikitude JS SDK in Xamarin Platform and Visual Studio. I have to create a map on Google Map and download it as KML file. Then There should be Labels displayed with popup window as shown in the figure bellow.


I also have another related question, i.e. Visual Search. I want to capture image using camera and then display related details on the screen. Is it also possible with JS SDK? Thanks

Hi there!

Thanks for your interest in the Wikitude SDK. Note that this is an Augmented Reality SDK. You may recognize, track and augment "physical maps" with content. From my understanding, you like to place 3D content on top of GoogleMaps, inside an app that isn't even using the camera.

If that is the case, please check out related posts in other forums, e.g. stack overflow.

Best regards,


Thank you very much.

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