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Capture Marker and Barcode

Good morning. Is it possible to have a merge of “Simple video” and “QrBarcode recognition ? I would like to use the camera and if I find a marker, I will get the video and if I find a barcode I get the product details. Thank you. Roberto Pizzignach

 Hello Roberto,

Yes it is possible. Simply combine the two samples we have

into one architectWorld.js file



Thank you Eva, It works very well. All of you at Wikitude are great professionals. Working with you is a pleasure for me. Thank you very much.


I'm from Trieste, so sooner or later I would like to pay a visit in Salzburg. Do you think that is it possible to visit your offices ?
Thank you in advance, Roberto


 Hello Roberto,

Thank you very much for your nice feedback. Unfortunately, visitation of our office is not something we typically do.


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