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Native InputPlugin API update function not working


I'm working on a InputPlugin with Android Native API, so I can use external camera. However, I found the following issue

1. initialize() is called before plugin is JNI object is assigned to the plugin, so the onPluginInitialized callback never gets triggered. Is there a way to invoke initialize() function again?

2. update() function is never gets called, can you tell me what triggers the update() function in the native code?


1. I do not really understand what you mean by that, please elaborate. initialize() is called when the plugin is registered by using PluginManager.registerNativePlugins.

2. When using the Native SDK with external rendering, update is triggered from your code by using RenderExtension.onDrawFrame or RenderExtension.onUpdate (when using separated update and draw logic). Check how this is done in our samples (rendering/external/ 

When using Internal rendering this should be triggered at continuously when the SDK is between onResume/onPause. 

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Thanks for your answer, I manage to get the update working.

I got another question, in order to send frame for Wikitude SDK process, I just need to call "notifyNewInputFrame" with the frame data correct? 

I did that, however, never get "onImageTracked" callback.


Did you take a look at the SimpleInputPluginActivity? This should include all necessary code for implementing a custom camera. 

Is the rendered by the Wikitude SDK or by your own rendering and do you see the frame correctly?

If you are not able to track the target, there could be an issue with the tracker setup. Were you able to load the ".wtc" file correctly?

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