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Problem with trackingPlaneOrientation in Wikitude 7.2 JS

Hi there, 

We've noticed that something has changed with the behavior of the trackingPlaneOrientation flag between developer preview 2 and the production release of the Wikitude 7.2 JS SDK release for iOS

We have an experience that allows placement of augmentations on walls (like stickers) by setting the tracking plane orientation to 90 degrees via

    st.tracker = new AR.InstantTracker({

        onChangedState:  function onChangedStateFn(state) {

            // react to a change in tracking state here



        // device height needs to be as accurate as possible to have an accurate scale

        // returned by the Wikitude SDK

        deviceHeight: 1.0,

        trackingPlaneOrientation: 90.0


The experience now renders those augmentations on the ground plane. ARKit is not specifically enabled so I assume this is using Wikitude's instant tracking that the experience was initially developed with.

The device is an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.2.2

I can provide more details if it turns out this is difficult to replicate

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I think I just answered my own question after reading the 7.2 doc. Looks like smartEnabled is true by default so we'll just need to update the js for some of these older experiences (since planeOrientation isn't yet supported with ARKit tracking)

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