Wikitude SDK 7.2 is available - Get Smart!

SMART is a seamless API which integrates ARKit, ARCore and Wikitude’s SLAM engine in a single augmented reality SDK, cross-platform, for any device. This new SDK feature does more than a simple fusion of augmented reality platforms: it wraps them all on Wikitude’s intuitive API. This means developers won’t have to bother dealing with specific ARKit/ARCore code. The Wikitude SDK will dynamically identify the end user’s device and decide if ARKit, ARCore or Wikitude’s SLAM should be used for each particular case.

SDK 7’s SMART feature also makes ARKit and ARCore accessible to developers working with JavaScript, Unity, Xamarin, Titanium, PhoneGap, and Cordova.

The new feature is now available for download with a free unlimited trial.

Hi Christian,

Usually the release notes are part of the documentation. Unfortunately the current download packages don't contain them. We will update them shortly.

Until then, here are the release notes for our 7.2.1 release:

Wikitude SDK 7.2.1

Release Date: 21.02.2017


  • Fixes a bug where trial license did not allow to use Instant Tracking
  • Fixes a potential deadlock for cloud recognition that occurred in rare cases

Hey :)
where can I find the changelog for Version 7.2.1?

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Of course we looked at the "very brief" changelogs related to the different platform of the SDK. We are conducting some tests and we can feel that some "under the hood" changes has been made as well, and they don't seem related to things mentioned in the changelogs. 

 Hello Amaury,

Have you already checked the information provided in the Release Notes section here



Hi Wikitude and congrats in integrating ARKit and ARCode in the SDK ! 

Beside these new functions, have improvements been made on pre-existing functions ? If so, can you develop a bit about about it ? This way we would know which aspects of our application to test when integrating the new version Wikitude. 

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