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 Is there any way to upload my trial of an app that is using your framework only with the trial key ? My client is far from my office and I need to show him my works. Thank you.

Hello Roberto,

If you are using a Trial license key then you cannot upload on the store. You would need a commercial license for that. What about sending him the API?



Hi Eva, excuse me but what's the meaning of "sending him the API" ?


 Hi Roberto,

As I said before, unfortunately you cannot upload to the store if you do not have a commercial license key. As another workaround, you could send your partner the API to test it. You could try and upload your project on a server and send him the url along with the target images. Your partner can download our samples from the website, build them (this needs to be done only the first time) and then import the url to test your project. Every time you change something, you need to update the files on the server and then your partner can test again by simply putting the url.

I hope that helps somehow


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