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Geolocation 3D Model auto rotation

I am trying to implement 3D Model with the Geolocation.

When I write this as per the location it is changing the model's direction.  

this.model = new AR.Model("assets/home.wt3",{
x: 0.1,
y: 0.1,
z: 0.1 },
rotate: {
x: 0.0,
y: 90.0,
z: 0.0
onClick: Marker.prototype.getOnClickTrigger(this)

   For example, if the direction is on the right side from my location 3D model House is displayed with a different rotation(it is showing front side of house). If the direction is on the left from my location 3D Model is displayed with a different rotation(backside of the house). 

What is want is I want to have the same front face of the 3D object whatever the direction is.

Is there any way to auto rotate 3D model or any other option to display the front face whatever the location. 

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Hello Hardik,

I would suggest that you try to use the "" attribute of a Drawable. Setting rotatesToCamera to false and setting the attribute accordingly should be able to allow you to place the model and make it face to the direction you wish to.



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