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Wikitude 3D Encoder Crashes on Import

Hi there,

I have perused threads of a similar nature and have not found a solution.  When I export a .fbx from Blender it crashes Wikitude 3D Encoder upon import.  I have a windows 10 machine and have an updated driver for my graphics card.  At this point I am basically trying to achieve throughput before I put a bunch of design time in Blender.  I essentially export the default "cube" of blender, run in through AutoDesk FBX Review to ensure the model works (and it does), then attempt to import into Wikitude.  Attached is the fbx model of a simple cube, a screenshot of dxdiag, and a screenshot of the failure warning.

I am (painfully) new to 3D animation, so any advice would help!  Thanks!

(25.4 KB)
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Good morning Brett,

I just ran your FBX file through the latest public version of the 3D encoder on macOS and found it to be working perfectly fine. 

We've been seeing issues on Windows 10 reported by other users as well recently. I'm afraid I don't have any information to give you about the cause of the problem or how to work around it. But I'm confident that this is an issue that needs fixing on our side and that there's nothing wrong with your workflow or model.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Daniel

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