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Can not publish app into itune


I am using wikitude sdk for unity. Normal build and run works. But when I archive and try to upload into itune, following error happens. I guess I should somehow exclude the intel build of wikitude sdk from xcode project. But how?

(2.39 MB)
(2.59 MB)
(3.02 MB)
(3.24 MB)
(2.79 MB)
(3.31 MB)
(2.59 MB)

I recently experienced some of the same problems.  The issue is that the WikitudeNativeSDK.framework contains some resources that iTunes does not accept.  I resolved it by doing the following:

1) Make a copy of WikitudeNativeSDK.framework that you will make changes to.

2) Delete the .sh files in your copy ( and


3) Remove the unsupported architectures

Go inside your WikitudeNativeSDK.framework copy from a terminal and run the following:

lipo -remove i386 WikitudeNativeSDK -o WikitudeNativeSDK

lipo -remove x86_64 WikitudeNativeSDK -o WikitudeNativeSDK

I just ran the commands manually, but the reference link has a script if you need to do this a lot.


Then in Xcode, you add your copy of the framework in the Embedded Binaries section under General.

I later encountered more errors than what you have listed, so I also do the following now:

- In the project settings/build settings/build options, set Enable Bitcode = No

- In Info.plist, add the entry: Photo Library Usage Description = <some text to explain why you need this>

You will also need an entry for Camera Usage Description if you did not already specify one in Unity.

- In Images.xcassets/AppIcon, make sure you have a 1024x1024 icon

Hope that helps!

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The latest SDK 7.2 also have this bug. Now I can not upload the archive into the store.





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