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Wikitude Xamarin plans to migrate to NuGet?

I need to develop an AR solution in usin Xamarin on Mac (Visual Studio Code). Actually I can´t add Wikitude SDK because Xamarin replaced the use of components with nuget packages, and can´t find wikitude package in nuget store.

Ar you working in any plant to migrate Wikitude Xamarin componet to nuget package?


Hello Juan,

I have some good news for you. We already have a build that includes this request and will be part of our upcoming release. Stay tuned to find out when the new release will happen (I can also tell you that it will happen soon ;)



Great news! Thank yuo ver y muchos Eva :)
Hello Juan,

I wanted to let you know that SDK 7.2 is available to download and it includes NuGet packages now

Happy testing ;)


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