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Phone Gap build advanced

Hi All


Does anyone have a good workflow or template for wikitudes slam with pgbuild or just pg. I have built and tested the simple demo ) provided which works fine (pg tshirt and AR eyes, but trying to test the wikitudes world experience just gives me errors. see image below. 

I assume we link to the wikitude cordova sdk through github in the config.xml " <plugin spec="" source="git" />" and link the WikitudePlugin.js file with in the html which has the developer key in it. I have gone through your tutorials but there seems something I am missing. Is wikitude supported in PGBUILD or PG desktop? The camera works but the ar overlay does not. See attached. Are there any phonegap example of object tracking? Is the below error a path issue in the simpleindicies.js? I did read that it need a child browser - do we need that in our xml?

I have messaged your github.

Im running out of time for a demo pitch and am trying to stay away from Unity and Vuforia for now.


Any help is much appreciated






Hi Wayne,

Am I right that you try to use the PhoneGap Desktop app in combination with the PhoneGap Developer app on iOS?

Did you updated to the latest version of the PhoneGap Developer App on iOS? They recently released a bugfix.

Best regards,


Hi Yes, although happy to use pg build. I am using version 1.8.2 for the phonegap app.

I maybe being stupid but set up looks like this. See image attached.

Does the Wikitude.js need to be in the root or in the world/example/js folders for each example?

I expected it should work straight from the examples after the wikitude.js and key is added. Is there any reason this is not included the support files?

Also do I need to put the world url in, if so what is this?

happy to provide my pg folder

many thanks



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