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Tranparent Video distorted

Hi Team,

i have a overlay video with transparent become distorted issue. i had success convert the video and the video able to appear when the targeted image appear in the camera screen. But the output of the video look like become distorted as show as below screenshot. The video converted is not distorted when i played with the video player.

The video height i set on the code is ="1" and the width should be width is calculated based on the video right?

sample code 


this.shipvideo = new AR.VideoDrawable("assets/spaceship_output.mp4", 1, {

 i did try with two video and both of them also have the distorted issue.

Is there any way to solve the distorted issue of the video?

The video output after converted.


The Video show on the mobile app screen.


The video output after converted.


The Video show on the mobile app screen.


 Hi Alex,

The height of the VideoDrawable is set in SDUs and it is set at creation time while the width is calculated according to the aspect ratio of the video. So, I believe that your videos are distorted because of the height value you set.



Hi Eva, 

The height of the videoDrawable is just for how far the distance between the video and the target object right? Based on the document i found on this url :

Therefore the width of the video should be auto calculated although the video height is out of the phone screen right?

Good morning Alex,

I don't see anything wrong with what you're doing. There are two things I would like you try and report the results back to me. 

The first being to try the transparent video sample of the sample app that is bundled with the SDK package. I expect this will work fine. The second thing being to try your video in the sample. My suspicion is that this will produce the same distortions you are having.

If so, I would like you to provide your video file so I can reproduce the issue and see what's going on inside the SDK code.

My current guess is that the issue hinges on the video having an aspect ratio > 1. At least that's the only difference I can see currently.

By the way, did you try this on both platforms by any chance (iOS and Android)?

- Daniel

Hi Daniel,

1) i did try the Titanium sample App and the transparent video is work fine with the SDK. (show as screenshot below)


2) My video become distorted also when i tried it in the Titanium sample App. (show as screenshot below)


3) Here is the url for download the videos i used.

4) yes, i did test on both platforms and the result is the same.

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