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Hi, I have an app in cordova 7 and wikitude 7 when I try to exit to AR I recive a error:
Invalid callback id received by sendPluginResult

my code is:

my AR page
var func = encodeURIComponent("'index.html');");

    document.location = "architectsdk://" + func;

my index.js

onURLInvoked: function (url) {


    if (url.indexOf('captureScreen') > -1) {


                                         function(absoluteFilePath) {

                                         alert("snapshot stored at:\n" + absoluteFilePath);


                                         function (errorMessage) {



                                         true, null


    } else {

        alert(url + "not handled");



I have always used this code but now I have updated IOS11 andi wikitude 7 so now it isn't working.

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Good morning,

can you reproduce this behaviour in the unaltered Wikitude Cordova sample app somehow? If so, I would be interested in the exact steps to reproduce it.

If not, I'd be interested to see what changes have to be made to the sample app for the error to appear. Would it be possible for you to identify the required changes and send them to me so I can easily reproduce the problem.

Or is the code you provided already what I'm asking for?

- Daniel

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