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Altitude problem in Android JavaScript SDK

Hello guys,




I am trying to demonstrate AR view with multiple POIs at same camera view. I have managed to make POIs close to each other in horizontal view but they are always on same height (altitude). Basically I want to show some POIs above or below other POIs.




My location altitude is always -32768.

var customLatitude = (Math.random() / 10 - 0.1) + World.myLocation.latitude;

var customLongitude = (Math.random() / 10 - 0.1) + World.myLocation.longitude;

I pass those 2 variables for my each POI.

What should i pass for the altitude to have a random altitude view for each POI. So I will be able to demonstrate the AR in better approach.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Cumhur Güner,

do I understand you correctly that the altitude you get from AR.context.onLocationChanged is always -32768?

Are you running this on Android or iOS?

Best Regards,


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