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HTML Desing POI crash iOS


Our AR app is crashing when displaying the POI. Specifically, we are using 10_BrowsingPois_3_LimitingRange sample in our android and ios native apps and for marker drawing we are using AR.HtmlDrawable here is its code:


var htmlDrawable = new AR.HtmlDrawable({

                html: "<div ><img style='border:4px solid #48edff;width:200px;max-width:100%;height:auto;' src='" + poiData.image + "' alt='image'><strong style='font-size:"+poiData.fontSize+";line-height:1.3;display:block;'>" + poiData.title.trunc(30) + "</strong></div>"

 }, 10, {

 offsetX: 1,

 onClick: Marker.prototype.getOnClickTrigger(this),


 opacity: 0.9



It's working fine on Android but on iOS it crashing after drawing markers there is no log in XCode that can be helpful

Any suggestion is welcome!


Hi Joanan,

Can you please send us either the iOS crash log or a demo project that we can use to reproduce the issue? Without additional information it's quite hard to find the root cause.

Best regards,


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Hello Andreas,


Let me know how (which method to use), so I can provide you that info.



Hi Joanan,

With how, do you refer to how to get log output or to create the demo project. The best is if you can create a project which is runnable and just contains the code which makes the issue reproducable. You can send this project to forum [at]

Thx and greetings



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Hello Nicola,

In short, there are no crash logs but a fairly constant EXC_BAD_ACCESS.


The crash happens easier with locations with more POIs, but is not exclusively. I mean, even with location with few POIs being displayed, the crash happens.


If we code the app without the HTML drawable for the POIs, no crash happens, regardless of the numbers of POI displayed. When we use POIs with HTML drawable, the crash happens. We think we are using the minimum POI design.


On Android using this same POI HTML drawable design, the app has no problems.


I just shared the code with the address you mentioned.

Thanks for the help.

Hello People,

It appears we were able to fix it (still testing). Later I'll try to give more details about it.




We aborted the idea of using HTML drawable, each POI having an individual HTML 'page' made the app incredible heavy to display. Instead, we change to using Image drawable, now the app flies! :-)



Hello everyone, I saw status of issue is solved? how to fix?

Hi Huy Le,

Joanan, who started the topic solved the issue with using ImageDrawables instead of HTML Drawables.

@Joanan: great that you solved the problem this way.




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