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passing data from .ts to POI

i work in a project with ionic 3 and wikitude POI it's work fine but i like to passing data from my class (ionic) to index POI 

Hi Abdelkader,

Are you looking for ways to request and work with POI detail information in your ARchitect Worlds? Then please refer to the documentation section here



thank you Eva for replying me but my problem is i have a ionic page when i call wikitudePlugin and i pass some configuration 


 ionViewDidEnter() {
    var startupConfiguration: any = { camera_position: "back" };
    // console.log("ionViewDidEnter", WikitudePlugin);
      function(success) {
        console.log("Success to load ARchitect World!", success);
      function(fail) {
        console.log("Failed to load ARchitect World!", fail);
      //          "www/assets/3_3dModels_1_3dModelOnTarget/index.html", // (1) if you have a IR (Image Recognition) World, use this
      //          ["ir"], // (1) if you have a IR (Image Recognition) World, use this
      "www/assets/08_PointOfInterest_3_MultiplePois/index.html", // (2) if you have a GeoLocation World, use this
      ["geo"], // (2) if you have a GeoLocation World, use this
      // you find other samples or Wikitude worlds in Wikitude Cordova Plugin
      // which can be downloaded from here:

and i like to passing a data when i call the plugin without passing with Server 

Good morning,

I believe what you are looking for is the callJavaScript function.

Calling that allows you to execute JavaScript code in your ARchitect world.




- Daniel

i dont know where can i put it 
WikitudePlugin variable is defined in my ionic page when i try to called under the index of POI i got undefined   


your code snippet shows a call to WikitudePlugin.loadARchitectWorld, does that work for you, or is that malfunctioning already?

- Daniel

yep  i have create a ionic page and in page.ts (logique of page) i called a Wikitude Interface with loadARchitectWorld  and when my code is executed i wikitude create me a new WebView with file Required in LoadArchitect "www/assets/08_PointOfInterest_3_MultiplePois/index.html
but when i try to close it or create a back button or passing a data between my ionic app i  have to call  WikitudePlugin    in the index of POI  i have some error js  and when i try to debug the wikitudePlugin variable i have undefined  

PS :
i have followed this example to integrate wikitude with ionic

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