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add back button

hello i work with ionic and wikitude  POI and i like to create a back button i added a button with html but i dont know how to close the view and return to my app 

Good morning,

I'm afraid that sounds very much like an issue that is specific to Ionic rather than Wikitude. You will have to take up this issue maintainers of the Wikitude Ionic starter app.

We do not have any in-house Ionic competencies, which is why we cannot offer support in that regard.

- Daniel


I added a Button on Header with exitARWorld funtion



<a class="ui-block-a" href="javascript: World.exitWorld();" data-role="button" data-icon="delete">



On World.js



exitARWorld: function exitARWorldFn() {

name: "button",

action: "close"



 It is not working with my test. I am using ionic 3 template with Wikitude.

Can we fix this issue?


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