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Custom Cloud Server

Hi, Would it be possible to use our own custom Cloud Storage to store Image target Collections and based on user fetch those targets on the app to be recognized using the SDK PRO 3D one time license?

We want to continuously add new image targets and  augmentations to different users, so each user has a unique Image Target collection. Once the client/user taps on the Augmented Reality section of the app the system will fetch the Image Target Collection from the Database corresponding to the specific user along with custom metadata (3d object, video links etc) and display them when an image is recognized.

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Hi Alexis,

This scenario would work if you would use our Cloud servers, so you would need to go with our Cloud subscription. If you wish to use your servers then, you would need to work with an Enterprise script that we provide and have this script running on your servers to generate dynamically the .wtc files whenever you want. In order to get this script you would need to go with our Enterprise package (you need to reach out to for more information on the price), which is more expensive than the SDK PRO 3D one time fee.

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