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SLAM - Example


I would like to create an app that uses SLAM to recognize a building, object, etc.., but i haven't been able to find an example of how to do so...

I have been able to recreate other examples ( 3D Models, Pois,...) in the app that i'm building but do not know how to create an example of SLAM...

I need an android mobile to record the object?, which app is needed to record it?

Once i have that file, how do i use it?

What do i need? and which steps do i need to reproduce?

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Hello Luis,

If you wish to use SLAM in order to recognize objects then, you need to choose the Object Tracking feature. You can find some examples regarding how to use this feature here.

If the 3D object you would try to track is too big then, it could result to a 'bad quality' video. Trying to track a whole building is not something that we recommend doing with Object Recognition. What you could try however, is to choose a specific part of the building that is a good Object 'candidate' and track this part instead of the whole building. Nevertheless, another factor that can greatly influence your performance, is the fact that you will target outside. So that means that lighting conditions will change from your initial target and may influence the results.

What I would suggest you do is try to use Object Recognition, but not for the whole building, and test it to see if it is working. Here are some guidelines on how to choose and record an Object.





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