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Cant upload video for object tracking

I am trying to upload  video to Wikitude target Manager for object tracking .but its not uploaded after 75%. in every time. so please can you explain me whats wrong in from my side and there is a any proses.


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Hi Akash,

Most of the times, the process stops for two main reasons:

  1. The size of the video is too big.The quality of the video is not good enough to generate a cloud map.
  2. If the size is too big (at least bigger than 50MB) then, you could use any app to try and reduce it. 

If the problem is the quality of the video you have recorded, then this is not acceptable in order to produce a .wto file that can be used for Object Recognition. If you wish to access information regarding how to record a video and which objects can be recognized, you can have a look at the sections below:




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